Multi-story housing

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Multi-story house

Buildings can be constructed with multiple stories, but each one requires higher skill to build.

Skill needed

The more floors your house has, the more skill is needed; see the table below for the required skill levels. Only the first (ground) floor planning needs 1 carpentry skill per wall and 1 skill per tile. With 5 skill a roof may be placed over the first floor, but not an opening or floor above. The roof counts as the same story you are currently building and does not require any extra skill to roof. i.e Roof added to a 8 story building would still only require 70 skill.

  • You may have a total of 16 floors (counting ground level as the first floor)
  • Carpentry is the primary skill checked for planning each floor and building floors, openings, staircases, walls and fences out of wood.
  • The first floor always requires a skill of at least 5, even if the building plan has already been finalized by another character.
  • Paving is required for stone floors, openings, and staircases.
  • Masonry is required for stone walls, fences, parapets, as well as pottery and slate roofs. It is limited in multi story houses based on Carpentry skill.
  • Thatching is required for thatch roofs.
  • Some materials might have higher skill requirements than the numbers mentioned below, in which case the highest requirement applies
Floors Skill Requirement
1 5
2 21
3 30
4 39
5 47
6 55
Floors Skill Requirement
7 63
8 70
9 77
10 83
11 88
Floors Skill Requirement
12 92
13 95
14 97
15 98
16 99

Adding a roof

  1. Plan and completely build the walls.
  2. Both floor and roof are planned by activating a mallet and right clicking the tiles on the ground beneath you. Each tile needs to be planned.
  3. Build both.

How to make another floor

  1. Plan and completely build the first floor outer walls.
  2. Activate a mallet on a tile below and plan floor above
  3. Plan at least one tile with an opening above to make a ladder for a spot to climb up to upper floors or plan your staircase.
  4. Build the floors from below.
  5. Activate a mallet, right click tile borders to plan walls.


  • In-game descriptions describe the bottom floor as being the 1st, which is a US standard. Therefore the Wurmpedia will describe this as such. The use of the term ground floor or ground will be kept to a minimum.
  • You can not build floors above fences, walls or parapets.
  • You can drag carts up ladders to get them to an upper floor.
  • You can fall and take damage from upper floors if there is no wall/fence of roof to stop you. (Please be careful as people have died in 1 fall from 4th floor drops)
  • Ladders will always be on the south side of the opening.
  • The 1st floor must be complete before walls on the 2nd can be planned. This is not true, however, of any additional floors.
  • Where a mallet is mentioned a hammer can be used in its place.
  • When you destroy a structure all items on upper levels will fall to the ground.
  • Wall types can be found on the wall page.

Floor and Opening types

Housing floor types.
Floors Openings Staircases
Wooden plank floor Wooden plank opening Wooden plank staircase
Pottery brick floor Pottery brick opening Pottery brick staircase
Sandstone slab floor Sandstone slab opening Sandstone slab staircase
Stone slab floor Stone slab opening Stone slab staircase
Marble slab floor Marble slab opening Marble slab staircase
Stone brick floor Stone brick opening Stone brick staircase
Slate slab floor Slate slab opening Slate slab staircase
Standalone staircase

Roof types

Wood shingle roof

Slate shingle roof

Pottery shingle roof

Thatched roof

Fence types

Wooden fence

Wooden parapet -- More info needed

Stone parapet -- More info needed

Stone and iron parapet -- More info needed

Low stone wall

Tall stone wall

Iron fence

Crude wooden fence

More Info

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