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These are the wall types you can build on a house. Fences may also be considered a type of wall and may be built inside houses. To build a wall activate a hammer, mallet, or trowel and right-click a wall plan. Select Build and a wall type. Walls can be dyed with 1kg (1000g) of dye per section.

Types of walls

  • Solid walls block actions and movement and provide no visibility.
  • Doors allow a player to walk or ride a cart into or through a building.
  • Windows are walls with some form of opening for visibility and allow certain actions, such as archery, while blocking movement.
  • Arched walls allow movement and some actions but cannot be locked and closed like doors; however, you can build a gate or fence inside them. High gates do not fit inside an arched wall.

Timber Walls

Wooden Walls

Marble Walls

Plain Stone Walls

Pottery Walls

Rendered Walls

Rounded Stone Walls

Sandstone Walls

Slate Walls

Stone Walls

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