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Open fireplace
A Open fireplace
Total materials
  • Open fireplace
Skill and improvement


A decorative open fireplace which provides light and warmth to those nearby.


  • Used as a decoration as well as a source of light.


  • Skill Requirement: Masonry 35.
  • Can only be loaded by a wagon.
  • Light with Steel and flint, with a kindling in inventory.
  • When on deed, the fireplace will snuff during the day and relight at night. This occurs automatically after being lit just once. In underground dwellings however, fireplaces remain lit around the clock.
  • 36.58ql brick + 29.8ql mortar = 27% creation chance at 61.7 masonry.
  • Not a container
  • Able to have items placed on it.
  • The open fireplace can quickly be snuffed by placing a snowball on it which will quickly melt and extinguish the fire within.