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Main / Skills / Woodcutting / Kindling

A Kindling
  • Kindling (1,5 kg)
Skill and improvement


Small and large pieces of chopped wood, perfect for lighting a fire with.

Small and large pieces of chopped wood, used in firemaking.


Activate a steel and flint with a kindling in your inventory, and right-click a campfire, stone oven or stone forge, and select Light.

Two kindling are used in the creation of each charcoal pile


The max quality of the finished kindling is determined by the quality of the log or wood scrap used. This is important for campfires since the quality will decide heating speed, but not so for ovens and forges since their innate quality decides that instead.

Creating kindling gives body strength and body stamina in addition to the skill of the tool being used for the creation action.