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The Path of Knowledge is one of the paths you can join by meditating.

Path of Knowledge tiles

Knowledge path tiles are usually found beside water and sand. Generally they are quite close to the shore, but some have also been found in deep waters.

You should be able to create your own knowledge path tile by flattening a low area close to open water, creating some sand tiles and pave some tiles near by. Once planted, test each tile to see if it's "special" as the Knowledge Tile does not have to be in the center. If the area is disturbed , the special tile may vanish, and must be recreated, and may show up in a different spot than before.

As with all paths, meditating on the tile gives the message "This is indeed a special place" after meditation is complete, and shows that you have found a special tile that belongs to a path.


Get Info (Level 1)

Gained at level 4

You get the option on creatures and players. You are only able to use this option once every 18 hours.

Using the ability on a creature gives information similar to this:

You decide to classify the Adolescent fat Haltchaser using numbers.
Stamina level 65535, damage level 0.
Hunger value 36001, fat level 125, nutrition level 31.620344, thirst level 0, dominated by X, loyalty level 28.508104.
Normal stamina regen true.
Kingdom is Freedom Isles, leader is none, hitched to none.
Rank=1000, Max Rank=1000
Not busy doing anything.
Adolescent fat Haltchaser targets none, and fights none.

If somebody uses this on you, you see the event message: XXX evaluates you.

Get Info (Level 2)

Gained at level 7

You get the option on tiles. It tells you the direction and the distance of all the nearby hostile creatures and if they are above ground or under it. You are only able to use this option once every 18 hours.

The Aged champion troll is behind you fairly close by. Above ground.

The distances and directions are the same as listed for the Vynora spell Reveal creatures.

Get Info (Level 3)

Gained at level 9

You gain this option as an extension to the Level 1 ability: "You feel the skills of creatures". Since this is an extension to the Level 1 ability the same cooldown applies as well. Using the Level 1 ability gives some additional information:

Affinity in skill Yoyo
she is carrying 92 kgs in inventory and 11 kgs equipped.

You cannot see the affinity of a player who has not yet discovered their affinity.

No skill loss

Gained at level 9

All skills, except Fighting skill, are preserved when you die: "You understand how to cement your knowledge, never forgetting anything".

Intellect of the Enlightened

Gained at level 11

All skillgains are increased by 25%, with the exception of Fighting skill and Faith. Characteristics will also gain this boost.

Recall Home

Gained at level 12

You get the option on your Body (in your inventory). This will instantly teleport you back to the token at your deed.

  • Can be used once every 12 hours.
    This cooldown is lowered by 1 hour for every level past 12.

  • It only works if you have been part of the village for more than 24 hours.
  • Only transports the player character, any mount, cart or boat is left behind.

You close your eyes and let your spirit fly home.

Final Breath

Gained at level 13

Your willpower now gives you the ability to deal a powerful short range blow to the enemies.

Final Breath deals wounds to the head of the opponent. The damage inflicted is affected by armour.

You sharpen your thoughts into a shining arrow of energy with which you assault Zombie.
You thought pulse Zombie extremely hard in the head and damage it.
You see a deep hole at the head.

Final Breath has a 2 hour cooldown.


Level Skill Path of Knowledge Titles
0 15 Uninitiated
1 15 Initiate
2 15 Eager
3 15 Explorer
4 15 Sheetfolder
5 15 Desertmind
6 20 Observer
7 30 Bookkeeper
8 40 Mud-dweller
9 50 Thought Eater
10 60 Crooked
11 70 Enlightened
12 80 12th Hierophant
13 90 13th Hierophant
14 90 14th Hierophant
15 90 15th Hierophant
16 90 16th Hierophant

Questions & Answers

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