Reveal creatures

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Reveal creatures
Reveal creatures

Faith: 30
Favor: 30
Difficulty: 25
Target: Tile
Casting time: 40 seconds


Vynora, Nahjo, Tosiek


A spell available to Vynora, Nahjo, and Tosiek priests at 30 faith that will locate nearby creatures.


  1. Activate the relevant deity statuette.
  2. Right-click on a tile.
  3. Select Spells > Reveal creatures.

A list of all of the creatures, players and spirit templars in the local area, with approximate direction and distance, will be output to the event window as follows:

The <creature name> is <distance> away <direction>.


The Mature starving dog is some distance away behind you to the left.

When cast above ground the spell will only reveal creatures on the surface. When cast below ground only creatures in mines are listed. They can be in a different mine nonetheless.


  • Quite some distance: 50-80 tiles away
  • Some distance: 20-49 tiles away
  • Fairly close by: 10-19 tiles away
  • Pretty close by: 6-9 tiles away
  • Very close by: 4-5 tiles away
  • A stone's throw away: 1-3 tiles away
  • Practicly standing on: same tile

Distances are calculated by the maximum tile distance in each direction. A creature which is 7 tiles north and 14 tiles west counts as 14 tiles away.