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The Path of Love is one of the paths you can join by meditating.

Path of Love tiles

Love path tiles are usually found near water on flat or flattish grass with flowers around.

You can create your own love path tile by flattening a low area close to open water and planting flowers on all of the tiles. The rules for a tile to become a special tile are:

  • There must be water closer than 20 tiles away. Usually the love tile will appear 5 or more tiles from water.
  • There must be at least 4 tiles with flowers within a radius of 2 tiles around the special tile (forming a 5 x 5 area).
  • The special tile must not be 10 dirts steeper than surrounding tiles.
  • Grass (with or without flowers) must be predominant within a radius of 2 tiles around the special tile.

Once planted, test each tile to see if it's "special" as the Love Tile does not have to be in the center of the area. If flowers or grass tiles are ever removed, the special tile may vanish. It must then be recreated, and may show up in a different spot than before.

Be aware that sprouts spreading from trees and grazing animals can remove the flowers and therefore destroy the Path of Love special tile.

As with all paths, meditating on the tile gives the message "This is indeed a special place" after meditation is complete, and shows that you have found a special tile that belongs to a path. Sometimes, it is needed to meditate on the same tile several times to get the "special tile" message.



Gained at level 4

You get the option on other players at the fourth rank on the path of love. This will restore the players food, water and stamina 100% and give them 99% nutrition. This can be used once every 18 real world hours. Note: You need to be a premium character now to refresh other players. You can refresh yourself by double clicking the health bar to bring up the paper doll, selecting body in the bottom left corner and choosing 'Refresh'. The refresh ability does not work on animals.

Refreshing a player: You send (playername) a warm thought.

Receiving a refresh: (playername) emits a positive wave of energy in your direction!

Refreshing yourself: You send yourself a warm thought!


Gained at level 7

You get the option on grass and trees tiles. The tile is transformed into an enchanted grass or enchanted tree tile. When you enchant the tile event says "You let your love change the area". It can be used once every 18 hours.

Love Effect

Gained at level 9

Love Effect turns all aggressive mobs (including uniques) in your local to 'friendly status' with green highlight, so you can walk past them without being attacked. The ability does not work in PvP (tamed/dominated pets). If you are fighting an animal and use this ability while sticking around, you will auto-attack back, which makes it continue fighting. Backing off and no-targeting should fix it. Usable once every 18 hours.

The effect covers your local area (80 tiles in all directions) and it lasts for 3 minutes.

When activated: 'You feel the love stream towards you' (green text)
When deactivating: 'The stream of love fades' (orange text)

Watch the event tab carefully for the fading effect message, it can happen that animals/monsters keep the green highlight even after the effect ran out.

Relogging or embarking a cart/horse from one tile away (forcing client to reload) fixes this.

Healing Hands

Gained at level 11.

Healing Hands is a passive ability that gives the player a 50% bonus to healing actions. This means that the healer will apply up to 50% extra healing when bandaging themselves or other players. They will also receive 50% more health from Life Transfer weapons.

Mouse-Over Description: "Improves the effectiveness of healing actions and natural regeneration by a factor of 1.5"

Recall Home

Gained at level 12

You get the option on your Body (in your inventory). This will instantly teleport you back to the token at your deed.

  • Can be used once every 12 hours.
    This cooldown is lowered by 1 hour for every level past 12.

  • It only works if you have been part of the village for more than 24 hours.
  • Only transports the player character, any mount, cart or boat is left behind.

You close your eyes and let your spirit fly home.

Final Breath

Gained at level 13

Your willpower now gives you the ability to deal a powerful short range blow to the enemies.

Final Breath deals medium poison wounds on the opponent.

You sharpen your thoughts into a shining arrow of energy with which you assault Venerable troll.
You thought pulse Venerable troll extremely hard in the chest and harm it.
Venom enters Venerable troll as you thought pulse him.
You see an ominous dark aura around throbbing ache at the chest.

Final Breath has a 2 hour cooldown.


Level Skill Path of Love Titles
0 15 Uninitiated
1 15 Initiate
2 15 Nice
3 15 Gentle
4 15 Warm
5 15 Goodhearted
6 20 Giving
7 30 Rock
8 40 Splendid
9 50 Protector
10 60 Respectful
11 70 Saint
12 80 12th Deva
13 90 13th Deva
14 90 14th Deva
15 90 15th Deva
16 90 16th Deva

Questions & Answers

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