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An enchanted tree is a tree or bush which has been altered by the Meditation Path of Love ability 'Enchant'. They can grow and form sprouts, but the sprout cannot be picked. Like enchanted grass, an enchanted tree tile provides a healing bonus to all wounds when standing on it.

Sometimes you may need an item activated in order to receive the 'Enchant' option.


  • Acts as a potency 4 healing cover when stood on.
  • Enchanted thorn bushes do not deal damage when walked through.
  • Enchanted fruit trees or bushes cannot be harvested.
  • Sprouts cannot be picked from enchanted trees.
  • Cannot be foraged or botanized.
  • Enchanted trees do not age.
    • This includes being immune to the effects of Wild growth.
  • Cutting down an enchanted tree changes the tile to enchanted grass.
  • Enchanted trees can be removed by the Vynora´s spell Ice pillar which will convert the tile to tundra or by Magranon´s spell Fire pillar which will convert the tile to sand. Success chance is very low.
  • A trap can be placed on an enchanted tree tile, but only on PVP servers.
  • The Enchant ability has an 18 hour cooldown.

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