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A Lava
  • Max flat speed: N/A
  • Can be created by players?: Yes
  • Underground: No
  • Cannot be mined/dug into.

Main / Terrain / Lava


A lava tile comes from lava eruptions, which are extremely rare natural events and happen only on rock tiles, or when created by a follower of the Path of Power. Lava flows downhill, and its path can be changed by terraforming in front of it.

Lava is the most dangerous tile in Wurm. It has the potential to kill in seconds if stood on it. Stay away or expect damage and potential loss of items and corpses!


  • Follower of Path of Power level 7 receive the ability to erupt lava tiles and freeze back to rock tiles.
  • Erupting a tile changes the rock tile to lava, and the rock/ore wall directly underneath into a lava wall. Freezing the above-ground lava tile will also freeze the lava wall beneath, changing it to rock, even if it was previously an ore tile.
  • You can erupt stone tiles that are fully submerged in water.
  • Cannot erupt on non-allied deed. When trying, you will see the message: Some psychological issue stops you from spawning lava here.
  • An erupted tile's northwest corner will become slightly raised.
  • Erupt cannot be used on a tile next to a cave entrance, above an empty mine tile, or above a reinforced mine wall. Trying to do so will initially tell you "You start concentrating on the rock.", but end up with "Nothing happens" - and this will not consume your daily usage of Erupt
  • Nearby items such as altars and vehicles may prevent Erupt from working.
  • Erupting requires that the tile is not in the domain of any god that isn't Magranon. In other words, it needs to be within Magranon's domain or no domain at all.
  • A lava tile cannot be created on tiles adjacent to a settlement token.

Damage from lava

  • Lava will rapidly cause major fire damage wounds to any creature standing on it.
    • The Path of Power ability "Elemental Immunity" will prevent this damage if active, as with other elemental damage.
    • Priests of Magranon with 35 faith receive the ability to walk on lava tiles without taking damage.
  • Lava tiles cause damage to items left on top of them.
    • All items take 1.00 damage approximately every 15 minutes.
    • Items inside containers on the tile will not take damage, unless the container is destroyed and spills the items directly onto the lava.
  • Lava tiles cause damage to fences on their northern and western tile borders, taking 1 damage approximately every second.
  • Lava walls in caves are not harmful if touched.
    • Hitched animals may still take damage by clipping through the lava wall and onto the tile.


  • Lava fiends and lava spiders spawn on lava tiles.
  • Over time, lava can freeze naturally, but has a smaller chance to spread to neighboring tiles instead.
    • Spreading lava may affect non-rock tiles such as dirt, grass, bushes or even paved tiles, changing them to lava as well. When this lava freezes, the tile will become rock, effectively raising the rock layer on that tile.
  • Trees keep a lava tile from spreading until they reach shriveled age. Enchanted trees will live forever and therefore block the lava spread forever.
  • When spreading to nearby tiles, lava will only become a lava column beneath these tiles if the tile is not already mined out.
  • Lava tiles consume anything on their north and west tile borders.
  • Lava walls in caves act like solid walls and you cannot pass through them. Also, if you try to mine the wall it will give the message The rock is too hard to mine.