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A Pelt

Obtained through butchering.

  • Pelt
Skill and improvement


A fine pelt, skinned from an animal.

A butchered item that can be butchered from pelt-bearing animals that is used for improving or finishing items by polishing them.


  • Improving and finishing smith and carpentry items.


  • Can not be repaired, except with Mend spell. Decay can be avoided by storing it in inventory, a bank, a merchant, or a Magic chest.
  • Pelt quality directly affects the speed and success rate experienced while using the pelt.
  • Table of animals that yield pelts of different weight below.
Animal Weight (kg)
Dog 0.6
Large rat 0.2
Mountain lion 0.4
Wild cat 0.8
  • The weight of a mountain lion pelt can be reduced by producing a mountain lion rug from part of it. After that operation it will weight 0.1