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A Pickaxe

1 Pickaxe (2.0 kg)

Skill and improvement


A tool for mining.


  • The pickaxe is used primarily for mining, prospecting, and analyse.
  • It is rather effective as a weapon compared to other tools in the absence of a real weapon.
  • May be activated to see if a mine tile is flat or not (as long as you have at least 15 mining skill) and also slope levels on tile borders as with a shovel .
  • Used to mine out wall reinforcements (premium character only)
  • Used to remove floor reinforcements, activate pickaxe, right click floor reinforcement, remove (premium character only).

Skins applicable


  • There is no penalty for failure in creation of an iron pickaxe.
  • Note that there are 3 versions of the pickaxe:
- A normal version which can be improved. It can be made from any metal type.
- A wooden starter pickaxe which cannot be improved but does not drop upon death.
- A crude pickaxe which can be created with a pickaxe head made of stone.

Skills & Characteristics

When using a pickaxe

When creating a pickaxe


  • Rockbreaker at 50 skill
  • Tunneller at 70 skill
  • Vein Destroyer at 90 skill
  • Mountain Eater at 100 skill