Pottery flowerpot

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Pottery flowerpot
A Pottery flowerpot

Heating clay flowerpot

  • Pottery flowerpot (0.60 kg)
Skill and improvement


A clay flowerpot hardened by fire.


  • In order to plant flowers in it, activate your flowers and select "plant flowers" on the flowerpot.


  • Cannot be improved.
  • Cannot be repaired, unless there are flowers in it, then repairing can be done by use of "watering" them, which can be accomplished by filling a container with water, then activating the container and right-clicking on the pot for "water plant".
  • Uses 0.1ℓ of water to water the plants.
  • Gives gardening skill for watering.
  • Quality is determined by the average of both the flower and the pot combined.


[03:29:53] You start watering the flowers.

[03:30:02] You successfully watered the flowers, they look healthier.


Seven pottery flowerpot with different flowers on them as labelled.