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Pvp portal
A Pvp portal
Total materials
  • Pvp portal
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This rudimentary structure made from stone bricks and logs is rumored to lead to far away lands.


  • A portal used for transporting a player to the PvP server Defiance.
  • Right-click the PvP portal and select Use to travel to the PvP server Defiance.

To leave Defiance:

  • If you came from a PVE server to Defiance, you will be returned to that original server.
  • If you went straight from the tutorial to Defiance, you will be given a choice of Northern PVE servers to travel to.


  • Can only be crafted at Northern Freedom Isles. On Southern Freedom Isles you can craft a Epic portal instead.
  • Skills transfer over from the northern freedom cluster with the exception of fight skill, faith, and alignment.
  • Meditation path, deity and affinities (including timed affinities) do not transfer.
  • Premium time and bank account carries over.
  • PvP portals cannot be dyed.
  • Completed PvP portals cannot be taken into player inventory or loaded onto a vehicle.

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