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A Backpack
Skill and improvement


A backpack made from leather with metal husks.


  • By storing items in a backpack players are able to carry more than 100 items, which is the normal inventory limit, however, the weight of the items will still count towards your maximum weight limit (7 * body strength).
  • A backpack may be equipped to the torso but does not seem to convey any benefit other than altering the visual appearance of a character.
  • Like other leather items, a backpack will NOT take damage from being heated in a forge. This makes them useful when smithing (or cooking) in a forge since you can put more than 100 items in the forge plus you can sort the items easier.
  • For cooking, a backpack will hold a maximum of 37 frying pans or 29 sauce pans.
  • You may add color to a backpack using an adamantine rune of jackal, made with rift stone.

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