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Reed pen
A Reed pen
  • 1 Reed pen (0.20 kg)
Skill and improvement


A rough pen made from a section of a reed straw.


  • To use the reed pen as a writing instrument, it must be filled with black ink or any colour of dye. It can hold 0.01 kg total. All 0.01 kg is used up when the pen is used for writing, even if the scribing action is aborted prematurely.
  • The number of letters that can be written on a sheet of papyrus is 121 + (pen QL * 2), rounded to the nearest full number.
  • The reed pen is also used for writing recipes and almanac reports. In these cases, the pen and dye/ink quality do not matter, as the whole document will be written regardless of quality.

Additional Notes

  • The reed pen can be used to hold smaller items which may have zero weight or volume. Examples of items that fit inside include the settlement deed and coins.
  • The reed pen cannot be repaired or improved.