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Papyrus sheet
A Papyrus sheet
  • 1 Papyrus sheet (0.01 kg)
Skill and improvement


Blank: A flat piece of papyrus made from pressed reed fibre. It is possible to inscribe on the papyrus sheet if you know how.

Inscribed: A flat piece of papyrus made from pressed reed fibre. It appears the papyrus sheet has something written on it.


It is possible to write notes on paper and papyrus sheets.

  • Fill a reed pen with black ink or dye
  • Activate the reed pen
  • Right-click the sheet and click Inscribe
  • Type the desired text in the window and click Send.

The amount of letters you can inscribe is affected by:

  • Choosing dye, granting a base of 10 letters
  • Choosing ink, granting a base of 100 letters
  • QL of sheet
  • QL of reed pen
  • QL of dye or ink

The number of letters you can inscribe is therefore equal to (10 for dye or 100 for ink) + (QL of dye/ink) + (QL of papyrus sheet) + (QL of reed pen)

You are limited by the characters that you can use when inscribing. If you try to use disallowed characters (including question marks), you will receive the following message: The inscription contains some characters that are too complex for you to inscribe

Instead of a reed pen, you may also activate your hand or a corpse instead, and use it to inscribe an imprint on the sheet instead of text.

Trying to drop inscribed sheets into a bulk storage bin or crate returns the message: The inscription on the (papyrus/paper) sheet would be destroyed.

After a sheet is inscribed it gets the option to Read inscription when right-clicked, which opens a window with the inscribed text. If dye was used to inscribe the sheet, the text will appear in the same color as the dye.

Recipes can also be inscribed. To do this, right-click a recipe in your cookbook, click Options, and click Mark recipe to be written. Next, activate a reed pen containing ink or dye, right-click the sheet and click Write recipe.


  • Failure to create a papyrus sheet will use 0.001kg of the reed fibre.

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