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Reputation lowers when a player breaks a kingdom or village law within a deed.

All players start with 100 reputation. If a player does something to lose reputation, it will slowly regenerate at about one point per real hour. Reputation does continue to increment while a player is offline. Reputation can be checked with the chat command /reputation.

For instance, a player loses 35 reputation for stealing an item on PVP servers.

If a player dies with less than 0 reputation, he or she will lose 5x the normal skill loss (a devastating 1.25 in skills). Player with negative reputation also can't join a village, this also include Black Light villages.

Below 0 reputation, a player becomes an outlaw, and all other players can attack the player without penalty. At -100 reputation, tower and deed guards will attack the player on sight. While an outlaw, you wear the title OUTLAW which overrides any other titles. Your outline is red to all players who are not part of your own village.

If a player is a whitelighter and their reputation drops below -200, they will automatically become a blacklighter. This will use a convert. It is possible to change back to the White Light. This will also use a convert. Going BL from reputation loss does not make you lose your kingdom title; it merely becomes inactive.

You can still become a white lighter with -200 or lower reputation. Your village guards, should you be in a village with -200, will not attack you then.