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Rift wood
A Rift wood

Obtained through cutting down a rift plant or as a rift reward

  • Rift wood (0.20 kg)
Skill and improvement


Some pieces of hardened wood gathered from a defeated rift. Can be crafted together with metal to create a rune that will attach to wooden items.

Rift wood is used to create runes.



Rift wood can be obtained by cutting down a rift plant in the rift area after the rift has been closed. Gathering these efficiently requires a high woodcutting skill. Gathered rift wood is dropped directly into the inventory. A failed action results in a regular log on the ground with a random woodtype.


Rift wood is also randomly distributed to players according to their participation points together with the other rift rewards after the rift has been closed.


Rift wood combined with a metal lump and devoted to a god creates a rune that can be attached to wooden items. Creating runes with rift wood uses fine carpentry.

Rift wood used on a barrel filled with wort creates Rift Beer. Different Woodtypes determine the temporary affinity.


  • The woodtype has no effect for runes.
  • Woodtypes Include: Birch, Maple, Oak, Oleander, and Willow.
  • Failure to create runes uses 0.01kg of the material.
  • 0.20kg is needed to craft runes.

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