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Rift Beacon

A rift is a test laid down upon the people of the lands by the gods. It consists of a bright, glowing-red portal, waves of quite deadly creatures brought forth through that portal, and a battle system with which to shut down the terror and satisfy this wicked test of strength and solidarity by the gods.

Process of Events, How It Works

  • First, a light beacon will appear on a server (one beam per server at one time), 2 real-life days before the rift will open on PvE and 3 real-life hours before opening on PvP. The location is random each time but always in a non-deeded area. This is where the gods will open the rift portal.
  • The rift participation area is a 41x41 square centered around the rift-light. One can check to see whether one is in the participation area or not by using the /rift command. If the rift has not yet started, the number of hours until the rift opens will be displayed.
  • Next, when the rift portal actually opens (48 hours after the beacon first appears), it will clear all the trees within its borders and turn all terrain into dirt. It will also spawn a number of traps, rift stones, rift crystals, and rift plants in the rift zone. Terraforming attempts in this area will be blocked until the rift is closed. Additionally, the rift will spawn a rift altar and a wave of deadly rift creatures that will only fight players within the zone.
  • After the first wave of rift creatures is defeated, three more increasingly difficult waves must subsequently be defeated in order to close the rift. In order to progress to the next wave, 20 rift hearts must be butchered and removed from any rift creatures and then burned at the rift altar in sacrifice. An examine of the altar will always show the remaining number of hearts needed in order to bring about the next wave of rift creatures, and the altar is always located within several tiles of the rift beam itself. Progression through the rift in this way can take place at any time, despite any living rift creatures or the current wave taking place.
  • The fourth and final wave of rift creatures will include a Warmaster and provides the most difficult wave of fighting. Once this wave is disbursed, players must sacrifice 20 more hearts to the rift altar, at which point an event message will convey across the server: The Rift that has plagued <server name> has been shut! . The rift is now closed, the gods have been satisfied, and rank-based rewards are then automatically spawned to the participating players' inventories. It is also at this point that the rift area's rift materials (see section below) will become harvestable.

Ranking, Rewards

  • Rifts work off of a points system. Depending on the amount of kills and damage dealt by a player, they can get a higher participation ranking. The rankings range from "minimal" (least impact) to "phenomenal" (most impact). The better the rank, the more rewards attributed to that player.
  • Rank rewards are a number of rift points, some rift materials as listed below, and lumps of glimmersteel, seryll, and adamantine.
    • Rift points are redeemable at the Rift points shop or Lormere Ltd by right-clicking on a mailbox.
  • Anytime while a rift is still open and active, the player may type the chat command /rift in order to see the current participation rankings. Attempts to bring up the list outside of the actual rift area while it is still active will not work. After the rift is closed, however, the command can be issued from anywhere on that server in order to view the final ranking list.
  • Players with more than 60 participation (phenomenal) rank will tend to receive less random lump quality levels and weights. Instead, they will generally receive lump quantities, qualities, and weights based on that rank with much less swing toward randomness.
  • Rare items being rewarded generally tends to occur mainly for participants placing 3rd or better at final rank.
  • Any player who participated in at least 10 kills will get a lump of uncommon metal (Seryll, Glimmersteel or Adamantine) of random rarity, quality, and weight, at the rift's close.
  • Players must be online and on the server when the Rift closes to receive rewards.

Rift Materials

In addition to spawning to player inventory based on rank at the end of a rift, rift materials can also be manually collected from the immediate rift area once that rift has been closed. The three rift resource types are rift stones, rift crystals, and rift plants:

Rift materials can be difficult to harvest without adequate skill, with much of the rift plant, stone, or crystal being wasted on any failed attempts to harvest.

Rift materials are primarily utilized for the creation of runes.

Rift creatures

Certain creatures only appear at rifts or on the moon Jackal.

Rift Scout Camps

Besides the regular recurring rifts, small scout camps can randomly spawn. A rift scout camp is a minimal version of a rift. A few rift creatures spawn in a random place on the server, and after all rift creatures are killed, participants receive a small amount of rift points. Also closing a rift scout camp allows for harvesting Rift Materials like mentioned above. A rift scout camp does not show a red beacon, and you don't have to sacrifice hearts to close a rift scout camp.

Additional Notes

  • The no-drop zone for tents extends out 30 tiles from the rift beacon.
  • When a rift beacon appears, a player may walk through it for the "Rift Investigator" achievement. When the rift is closed, the player will then receive the "Rift Defender" and "Rifter" titles.
  • Rift hearts are of no other use in Wurm aside from burning at the rift altar.
  • Rift creatures can only attack players within the rift area. Evacuate the area when in danger!
  • Players must be premium to receive rift rewards at the close of the rift.
  • Rift monsters have a chance to attack mounted animals. Use caution when riding a horse at a rift, Suggested to use barding other defensive options for animals.


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