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To access your achievements, open the main menu and click on "Hud settings", then click on "Achievement Window".

Separate achievement records are kept on each server. Travelling between servers will change the contents of a player's achievement window.

List of known Achievements


Achievement Description Rarity How to Unlock
Abstinence You wouldn't mind something to eat. Really really really. Silver Fasting.
Adamantine Item You created an adamantine item. Silver Create an item out of adamantine
Adulterator You like wine Silver Make 100 liters of wine
All Hell You've held your ground against the Hell creatures Gold (?)
Almost impossible You've manufactured something really special Diamond Create a fantastic item.
Almost as good as an Axe There's always a way to bring down a tree. Silver Cut down a mature or older tree with something other than an axe.
Ambitious You're not fooling around. You're doing things! Gold 100,000 actions performed (in total, not one play session).
Angry Sailor Beware the Angry Sailor and his Belaying Pin Silver (?)
Animal Care How nice of you to feed your pet Silver Feed any animal.
Arachnophile You hate spiders Silver Kill lots of spiders (exact number unknown).
Ascetic You are dying from famine Silver Food bar below 7% (no more fasting).
Ashes to Ashes Most people avoid lava for good reasons Silver Die on a lava tile.
Backstabber What's with everyone turning towards you all the time? Silver Defeat an opponent in combat while they face away from you (requires conformation).
Baker You should wear a white cap silver Bake 100 bread.
"boat type" Sailor Look, it floats! Silver Embark different types of boats as commander.
"boat type" Maker You finished the "boat type" Silver Complete construction of different types of boats.
Becalmer You've killed an angry creature. Silver Kill a angry creature.
Be Gentle Please You won a spar, hooray! Silver Win a spar.
Berry Pie Berry nice! Silver Bake a berry pie.
Black Forest Gateau I want to get lost in this forest! Silver Make a Black Forest Gateau.
Bodhisattva Meditating cleans the mind and elevates your soul. Gold Meditate 2000 times.
Brass Item You created a brass item Silver Craft an item from brass
Bread Maker You can bake! Silver Bake bread
Brilliant! You've mined a brilliant gem Gold Mine a 90QL gem.
Bronze Item You created a bronze item. Silver Create an item from bronze
Brother In Spars You're quite popular to spar against. Silver Participate in (?) spars.
Bugged Rarity You were the victim of a weird achievement bug but survived Silver Any improving before Rarity achievement was fixed.
Bumble Bee Are you in it for the honey, Honey? Gold Plant 500 flowers
Burglar They can't keep you out! Silver Pick 5 locks.
Cap'n Aye aye, Cap'n Silver Embark all the different types of boats as commander.
Careful Identifier Care and attention to detail let you identify ancient items. Silver Completely clean and identify 50 fragments.
Chief Mate Yarr Matey Silver Embark a boat x times
Citizen Congratulations! You've joined your first settlement! Silver Become a citizen of a settlement
Cleanup Operation You are recycling things. Good. Silver Let 100 items 'decay' in a trash heap
Cleptomaniac Just... one... more... Silver Pick 50 locks.
Clumsy Try to be more gentle when climbing Silver Fall down 125 times and take some damage.
Concrete Shoes You've discovered that swimming requires training Silver Death by drowning
Cowboy Bovine is your thing. Silver Lead 3 bulls while riding a horse.
Cyclops Ouch! The eye! Silver Take a hit to the face?
Dead end Sometimes it's hard to survive while driving Silver Killed while on a cart.
Death from above Oops!! That must have hurt! Silver Hit by flying debris (i.e. from a catapult)
Debt Collector That's your money! Silver Drain a deed
Decay Removal Services You could do this for a living. Unless you already are. Gold Repair 1250 fences, floors or walls.
Deep Pockets You can't possibly carry more Silver Be encumbered and try to pick up something
Defiler You have destroyed the holy altar Diamond Destroy the whitelight
Deforestation There is something with you and trees Silver Cut down 1000 trees
Die by the Rift You died in the Rift Area Silver Die inside the rift area.
Dough Hands Ignorance and error are necessary to life, like bread and water. Gold Bake 500 bread(?)
Drunken Sailor What shall we do with you? Silver Pilot a boat while drunk
Environment Improval Engineer You take pride in repairing structures Silver Repair 250 fences, floors, or walls.
Enviromental Hero You're a hero! You keep the world alive! Diamond Put 10000 items into a trash bin.
Epic helper You did your part in helping the gods advance on their journey on Valrei. Silver Contribute towards a mission.
Epic Finalizer You managed to finish that mission. Good job! Silver Complete a mission.
Exceptional craftsmen You can do really fine things Silver Improve an item from under 50.00ql to above 50.00ql
Experienced You have been premium for 9 months. Silver Have a total of 9 months of premium.
Fire Extinguisher You're the nemesis of Lava creatures Gold Kill a certain (unknown) number of lava spiders.
Flirtatious Your smiles can melt ice Silver flirt with 10 players. (Must be unique accounts)
Fo's Favorite You start to become popular with the gods of nature Silver Plant 1000 trees.
Foundation Pillar You've been premium for 36 months Diamond Be premium for 36 months.
Fragmental The ancients apparently used these tools too, who knew? Silver Recreate a tool from fragments
Founder There's nothing like home Silver Found a deed
Free Hugs You're the cuddly type Silver Use emote smile on another player
Giant Fish You caught the rare one Gold Catch a very heavy and high-quality shark
Ghost Others only notice a slight movement of the air but choose to look the other way Silver Successfully stealth 200 times
Ghost of the Rift Warmasters You're scaring the Rift Warmasters Gold Unknown
Glittered You've been premium for 20 months Gold Be premium for 20 months
Gold Digger Found the Gold. Now - what to do with it? Silver Mine gold.
Gollum It came to me, my own, my love... my... preciousss. Silver Stealthing in a cave (with an equipped ring?)
Gravedigger You put the dead to rest. Silver Bury a corpse.
Good Work You excel in improving things Silver Succeed improving to a QL above your skill.
Hauler You've worked hard today. Silver Drag a cart 250 tiles.
Hedgehog You are a one for hedges. Silver Plant 200 hedges or flowerbeds.
Hexer Are you addicted to potions? Silver Drink 20 potions.
Highly Illuminated You've been premium for 26 months Gold Premium for 26 months.
Hippie Flower power! Silver Plant 100 flowers
Horse Whisperer You communicate with them. Silver Use the 'wave'-emote on a horse
Improve There! That makes it better. Silver Successful improving
In The Name of Magranon Making those swords pleases certain deities Silver (?)
Investigating the Rift What's up there? Silver Cross the center tile of a rift area, before it opens.
If Looks Could Kill Supposedly if you dye them red, you'll move faster Silver Dye a piece of armour.
Irresponsible Driving Haven't you heard? Don't drink and drive! Silver Embark a cart as driver while drunk.
Janitor You keep the place in good order Silver Repair 50 fences, floors, or walls.
Just a Cold Sniffle. You've got a cold. Silver Get diseased.
Johnny Appleseed You have to check your skin for bark complexion. Gold Plant 5,000 trees
Joyrider You had the chance to view the surroundings quite a while there. Silver Ride a cart as a passenger 4000 tiles.
Knarr sailor Look, it floats! Silver Command a knarr
King's court You have been allowed to join the Inner ranks Gold Have a kingdom office.
Landed You have been premium for 1 month Silver Have one month of used premium playtime.
Last Rope The more the merrier Silver Lead 3 animals at same time
Longterm Attachments ? Gold
Marble Bridge Maker You finished a Marble Bridge Silver Complete a marble bridge.
Master Bridgebuilder People should come to you for bridges Gold Complete one bridge of each material type
Master Winemaker Winemaking is an art, and you're an expert at it! Diamond Make 5000 liters of wine.
Maskter of Recreation People really wore these things? Gold Recreate a mask from fragments.
Master of Recreation Just like pieces of a puzzle Gold Recreate xx items through archaeology?
Mountain Goat Wow, you can really climb heights Silver Go even higher up than the "Went up a Hill" achievement.
Moved a Mountain You know how to drag a cart Silver (?)
Miner on Strike Better not to underestimate a miner and his pickaxe Silver Kill another player using a pickaxe.
Myth Or Legend? You have been premium for 80 months Diamond Be premium for 80 months.
Nomad Are you restless? Gold Travel a really long distance (10x 'Wanderer')
Nancy the Tavern Wench Let's danec! Silver Dance with 10 unique players.
Obsessive Eater Welp, don't have any space left now. *BURP* Silver Eat to 99 % food / Wait for food to decrease from 99% to 98%?
On the Way to the Moon There's no limit! No, no, no limit! Silver Go even higher than "Thin Air" (This is possibly only achieved by climbing to the top of Dragon fang)
On the path to perfection You are soon at the highest level of creation Gold Improve an item from under 90.00ql to above 90.00ql
Oops, that went wrong Hope it didn't break. Silver Failed improving
Ouch that Hurt ??? Silver Fall from a height?
Out At Sea Hope you're not out of your depth. Silver Sailing in deep waters?
Overdosed on Acupuncture Those thorns give deadly prickles Silver Die from thorns. Spike barriers also work.
Own the Rift You've defeated an insane amount of Rift Creatures Diamond Unknown amount of rift creatures
Owning You've been premium 12 months Gold
Patron Of The Net You have been premium for 60 months Diamond
Peace of Mind You are getting in to not getting in to things. Silver Meditate 200 times
Paul Bunyan You can measure yourself with the greatest of lumberjacks. Silver Cut down 5000 trees.
Peasant Winemaker You really like wine! Silver Make 500 liters of wine
Perfection Few have mastered item creation like you. There's little room for improving an item more than this! Diamond 99.00Ql Item
Pizza Master Pizza is amazing; even if you are in the middle of eating a pizza, you wish you were eating pizza. Silver Make an unknown (huge) amount of pizza.
Popular Joe You have many friends! Silver Add 50 people to friends
Pursuit of excellence You manage to improve yourself Silver Improve an item from under 70.00ql to above 70.00ql
Rarity You crafted something which is better than everything there ever was before Silver Improve an item past the previous maximum for an item of that type on the entire server.
Rarity Discovered You have no trouble finding the best secrets of the past. Silver Find a rare fragment.
Really rare You've manufactured a really rare item Silver Creating rare items.
Revered one You have been premium for 48 months Diamond Being premium for 48 consecutive months.
Rift Specialist You've defeated all sorts of Rift creatures. Gold Kill some Rift creatures.
Rift Opener You sacrificed at the Rift Altar Silver Sacrifice a Rift heart at the Rift altar.
Rider of the Apocalypse You rode, and rode, and rode. Silver Travel a far distance (approx. 16km.) on horse (within 1 hour of logging in - without logouts. Logging out for /lotime fully resets the counter).
Rope Bridge Maker You finished a Rope Bridge Silver Complete a Rope Bridge
Ruler You made it to the top. Diamond Become faction leader on Elevation or Chaos.
Sandwich Maker As the Sandwich-Islander believes that the strength and valor of the enemy he kills passes into himself, so we gain the strength of the temptations we resist Silver Make a sandwich.
Scouted You have been premium for 6 months. Silver You have been premium for 6 months.
Settlement assault You've killed an enemy spirit guard Silver
Settler A house is like a heart just bigger. Silver Finish a house (Complete the last wall)
Shadow Hiding in the shadows is becoming one of your favorite pastimes. Silver Successfully sneak 50 times.
Shaking the Foundations of the Earth Shake them orbs! Silver Collapse 5 mine entrances using shaker orbs.
Shutting Down You were there when the Rift was shut Silver Participate in a rift and be online when it closes.
Slacker You're just standing there! Silver (?)
Sneaky Sometimes it is best not to be seen by others. Silver Successfully sneak 10 times.
Singing While Eating Who was that cook? Silver Eat high ql food
Sisyphus Says Hello Is this boring yet? Diamond Repair 6250 fences, floors, or walls.
Skilled Skill points. Can't have too many of them Silver Certain amount of skill points? (500 total?)
Soilent Green ? Silver Kill a greenish creature.
Sore Bottom Ok that horse got me pretty far, now where's my farmer's salve Silver Ride a long time.
Speed Fighter You've killed an alert creature Silver Kill an alert creature.
Statue Bro? A really big puzzle with a lot of pieces - easy. Gold Recreate a statue from fragments.
Stone Bridge Maker You finished a Stone Bridge Silver Complete a stone bridge.
Supreme being You've created a supreme item Gold Create a supreme item.
Survived You have been premium for 3 months Silver Stay premium for 3 months in a row.
Talented Investigator The ancient world cannot hide any secrets from you! Silver Investigate and find 50 fragments.
Tastes Like Chicken You know how to get crocodile meat Silver ?
The First You're all alone here! Silver The first person on a server.
The Lucky One Wow, that was really, really close. Silver Heal from less then 1% health.
The Path of Vynora You and fishing are one Gold Catch 1,000 fish.
The Smell of Freshly Baked Bread If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a lily. Silver Bake 100 Bread
Thin Air How high can you reach? Silver Go higher than "Mountain Goat"
Tossed Dwarf Nobody dares to throw you around and you're hoping nobody watched you fly helplessly through the air this time Silver Get thrown
Tower Builder You finished the guard tower. Will you finally be safe now? Silver Build a guard tower
Tradesman You're seeing the world! Silver Travel between servers (?)
Tree Hugger You plant trees. Silver Successfully plant 200 sprouts.
Trucker You drove that cart really far. Silver Ride a cart as a commander for a long time.
Truffle Pig You like them mushies Silver Pick 20 mushrooms.
Undertaker You keep souls to rest and the world free from rotting corpses. Silver Bury 100 corpses.
Under the Influence You like them potion Silver Drink 5 potion.
Up The Drain You've got expenses like everyone else! Silver Drain a deed 2 days in a row.
Vigneron Creating wine is your thing. Gold Make 1000 liters of wine.
Vynora commands you The fish bring secrets from the deep Silver Catch 200 fish.
Waller You weaved the source and created a wall Silver Summon a magical wall.
Wanderer You know how to move around Silver Travel a far distance.
Warrior You're getting a reputation for being a successful fighter. Gold Reach 1100 Battle Rank.
Well Maker You found water and brought it to the surface of the world. Silver Build a well on the right spot (a water source).
Went up a Hill The view is pretty up here Silver Going to a high altitude.
Wet Feet It's cold. It's wet. I don't like it. Silver Take a swim.
Won The Game You achieved all your personal goals in these lands and may feel closure Diamond Finish all of your personal goals.
Wooden Bridge Maker You finished a Wooden Bridge Silver Complete a wooden bridge.
You Beauty You like to dress up. Silver Wear a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet at the same time.

Kill Counters

Achievement Description Rarity How to Unlock
All Hell You've held your ground against the Hell creatures Gold Kill one of each hell mob. Hell scorpious,hell horse, and Hell hound.
Arachnophile You hate spider Silver Kill 100 spiders.
Axe Kill Count of players killed with any type of axe Silver Kill a player with any type of axe.
Bear Hunt You've killed the bear Silver Kill a bear.
Becalmer You've killed a angry creature Silver Kill an angry creature.
Bisons You've killed the bison Silver Kill a bison.
Bovine Master You slay bovine like none other Silver Kill a cow.
Braaains Zombies stand no chance Silver Kill 10 Zombies.
Crocodile Dundee It was the croc and not you this time Gold Kill a large amount of crocodiles.
Crocodiles Killed You need them shoes, belts and bags Silver Kill a crocodile.
Dances with Wolves You know how to kill wolves now Silver Kill 100 wolves.
Death comes Crawling You've killed the Deathcrawler Silver Kill a Deathcrawler minion
Debugger You've killed the bug. Thank you. Silver Kill a cave bug.
Deer Killed You've killed the dear Silver Kill a deer.
Demons You've killed the demon Silver Kill a Sol Demon.
Dog Life You put dogs out of their misery Silver Kill a dog.
Dragonslayer You've killed the Red Dragon Gold Be engaged in combat with the red, green, black, white or blue dragon when it dies.
Drakeslayer You've killed a Drake Gold Be engaged in combat with the black, green, blue, red or white dragonhatchling when it dies.
Drake Spirits You've killed the Drake Spirit Silver Kill a Drakespirit.
Fire Extinguisher You're the nemesis of Lava creatures Gold Kill 5 lava spiders or 5 lava fiends.
Goblin Slayer You've killed the goblin Silver Kill a goblin.
Hello Goodbye You've killed the Hell Scorpius Silver Kill a Hell scorpious.
Hellova fight You've killed Hell Horse Silver Kill a hell horse.
Honey, guess what's for dinner! Too many spiders! Gold Kill 1000 spiders.
How many Sons? You've killed the Son of Nogump Silver Kill a Son of Nogump.
Hunter Apprentice Deers are easy to hunt Silver Kill 20 deers
Incarnated To Hell You've vanquished the Incarnation of Libila Gold Kill an Avatar of Libila.
Kill the pig You require pork Silver Kill a pig.
Kingdom Infiltration You've killed an enemy kingdom creature Silver Kill a creature belonging to an enemy kingdom.
Lava Fiends Killed You've killed the lava fiend Silver Kill a lava fiend.
Lava Spiders Killed You've killed the lava spider Silver Kill a lava spider.
Meoww! Wild Cats try to put up a fight Silver Kill a wild cat.
Mercykiller You've killed a diseased creature Silver Kill a diseased animal.
Moby Dick You've killed the Huge Shark Silver Kill a Huge Shark
My furry eight-legged friends What's up with these spiders everywhere? Diamond Kill 2000 Spiders.
No Fuel for the Flame of Udun Gold Kill 100 lava fiends.
No Son of a Troll You don't fancy trolls Gold Kill 1000 trolls.
Off Horse You slay horses Silver Kill a horse.
One Eyed Snake You've killed the Kyklops Gold Be engaged in combat with the Kyklops when it dies.
Out, out, brief candle! It appears scaring hens to death is your favorite pasttime. Silver Kill ten hens.
Pheasant Hunt You've killed the pheasant Silver Kill a pheasant.
Rat Race The rat race has begun! Silver Kill a rat.
Rift Beasts You've vanquished a Rift Beast Silver Kill a Rift Beast.
Rift Jackals You've vanquished a Rift Jackal! Silver Kill a Rift Jackal.
Rift Ogre You've vanquished a Rift Ogre Silver Kill a Rift Ogre.
Rift Warmaster You've vanquished a Rift Warmaster Silver Kill a Rift Warmaster.
Rrreoww! Mountain Lions try to put up a fight Silver Kill a mountain lion.
Scrapion Scorpions are at your mercy Silver Kill a scorpion.
Sea Mastership You've killed the Sea Serpent Silver Kill a sea serpent.
Settlement Assault You've killed an enemy spirit guard Silver Kill an enemy kingdom Spirit templar.
Silencer You've killed a raging creature Silver Kill a raging creature.
Slayer of Procastination You've killed a slow creature Silver Kill a slow creature.
Slayer of the Champ You've killed a champion creature Silver Kill a champion creature.
Slayer of the Fiercity You've killed a fierce creature Silver Kill a fierce creature.
Slayer of The Lurker You've killed a lurking creature Silver Kill a lurking creature.
Slayer of the Meek You've killed a scared creature Silver Kill a scared creature.
Slayer of the Sly You've killed a sly creature Silver Kill a sly creature.
Soilent Green You've killed a greenish creature Silver Kill a greenish creature.
Speedfighter You've killed an alert creature Silver Kill an alert creature.
Spiders Killed You've killed a spider Silver Kill a spider.
Tastes like Chicken You know how to get crocodile meat Silver Kill 20 crocodiles
Tears of the Unicorn You are a slayer of beauty Silver Kill 100 unicorns
To hell with it You've killed the Hell Hound Silver Kill a hell hound.
Traitor And that poor guard was just doing his duty Silver Kill a guard.
Troll King Assassination You've killed the Troll King Gold Be engaged in combat with the Troll King when it dies
Trolls killed You've killed the fearsome Troll Silver Kill a troll.
Unicorns Killed You've slain the Unicorn Silver Kill a unicorn.
Uttacha Spawn Slayer You've killed the Uttacha Spawn Silver Kill a Spawn of Uttacha.
Willbreaker You've killed a hardened creature Silver Kill a hardened creature.
Wolves killed You're a wolf slayer Silver Kill a wolf.
You Cannot Pass You have defeated many Lava Fiends Silver Kill 20 lava fiends.
Zombies killed Zombie! Zombie! Silver Kill a zombie.
Zombie Hunter Apparently It's you or zombies Gold kill 50 zombies.

Event Achievements

Achievement Description Rarity How to Unlock
Independence Tourist You've toured the sights of Independence! Iron Complete the Independence Sightseeing Race.
Gopher for the Gods You finished the May 2016 Scavenger hunt... Either that or you're a rodent of some sort. One of the two anyhow Iron Complete the Independence May 2016 Treasure Hunt.
Geographer of the Isles You have successfully pieced together the locations to a treasure map Iron Complete the Pristine April 2016 event.
I survived the Labyrinth. Granted for completing the 2015 Labyrinth on Xanadu Iron Complete the famous Xanadu Labyrinth.

Cooking Achievements

(Hidden so it's not ruined for anyone)

Achievement Description Rarity How to Unlock
Beer Homebrew. Silver Brewing some beer.
Berry Pie Berry nice! Silver Baking a berry pie.
Black Forest Gateau I want to get lost in this forest! Silver Baking a Black Forest Gateau.
Chocoholic um, chocolate! Silver Baking a chocolate cake
Cookies You say cookie, I say biscuit, lets om-nom-nom Silver Baking cookies.
Cottage Pie Just like my grandmother used to make! Silver Baking a cottage pie.
Custard Creams When only the cream de la cream will do! Silver Baking some custard creams.
Custard Pie Phanton flam flinger Silver Baking a custard pie.
Fish pie You made that, sounds a bit fishy to me! Silver Brewing some beer.
Fruit Pie Berry nice! Silver Baking a berry pie.
Gin As drunk on fine floating palaces everywhere. Silver Distilling gin.
Gruel Please sir, can I have some more? Silver Cooking gruel.
Insect Stew You begin to feel the speed of 6 legs come upon you. Silver Cooking an insect stew.
Meat pie Meat and gravy all in a pie! Silver Baking a meat pie.
Pasta Maker Life is a combination of magic and pasta Silver Unknown
Pie-Maker When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven and pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it's not, mmmmmm, boy. Silver Make one of each: Cottage, fish, raspberry, fruit, berry, custard, steak and ale, pork and meat.
Pizza Maker Making the world a better place, one tomato-laden delight at a time. Silver Unknown
Pork pie Come here, piggy! Silver Baking a Pork pie.
Raspberry Pi The code for this was intense! Silver Baking a Raspberry Pi.
Simple pasta I make a pasta! Silver Cooking a Simple pasta.
Steak and ale pie um, beer! Silver Baking a Steak and ale pie
Sushi Maker Teach a man to fish, but not cook, and he'll make sushi. Silver Make some sushi.
Vodka At least one letter away from water. Silver Distill some vodka.

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