Rope trap

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Rope trap
A Rope trap
Total materials
  • Rope trap (3.0 kg)
Skill and improvement


This rope tied in a strangling loop will slow people down if laid out on the ground with a trigger mechanism.

The rope trap is a trap used to slow movement.


  • Creation success is influenced by the active rope.
  • Failure in creating will damage the rope; failure in continuing will damage the item being added.
  • These are difficult to make; 40 ropemaking is recommended.
  • The success rate is highly dependent on the quality of the material.


  • These traps can not be improved.
  • Higher quality traps deal more damage.


Rope traps are placed on grass, bush, and tree tiles, the traps skill affects the placement chance.


  • The rope trap can be placed in carts.
  • Fewest number of parts in contrast with other traps.
  • Only works on servers with PvP enabled.