Endurance sandwich

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Endurance sandwich
A Endurance sandwich
  • Endurance sandwich (0.18 kg)
Skill and improvement


A fine sandwich.

Sandwiches will restore stamina when eaten. This makes sandwiches very useful for climbing and other stamina intensive actions and activities. The amount of stamina restored depends on the quality of the sandwich.

Items/resources required

Uses 0.60 kg bread to make an endurance sandwich

  • Bread - 0.60 kg and any one of the following:


  • Endurance sandwiches can be eaten when full, though only one bite will be consumed per action.
  • Topping QL determines success chance.
  • Bread QL determines maximum QL of sandwich.
  • Endurance sandwiches have a nutritional value of 60% regardless of QL.
  • Does not give a temporary affinity as other cooked meals do.
  • Other types of sandwiches exist; they refill stamina as well as giving a temporary affinity, but cannot be consumed when full.