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Freedom settlement

This is a settlement on the Freedom Isles.

Currently located on the Freedom server.

Mayor: Roxana Vice-mayor: Agness

Currently recruiting anyone able to speak english or polish that didn't fall into bad relations with us or those we know of.

We are a helpfull and friendly village.

We do have:

A Vynora priest (currently not premmed up).

A very good blacksmith and good miner as well as farmer

A very good alchemist and pretty good carpenter as well as leather worker

A very good landshaper and multiskilled smith skilled also in masonry

We're looking for:


animal caretaker

weapon smith

shield smith

chain armor smith


And anyone willing to help with whatever is currently necessary.

That you are within or not one of the lists above does not exclude you in the right to join us. It's just which specialisations we already have, or could use somene in.

We can supply you with a house and food. Materials usually also aren't a problem if you need better quality or whatever else.

We do go out hunting from time to time.

If you wish to join us, try asking Agness or Roxana when they're online or just come over in the vicinity and try to catch us in person.

This page is just a temporary solution, it will be worked on further in the future.