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A round small glass orb with a faintly shining liquid. It is commonly used by miners to create cave-ins.


  • A shaker orb is used to collapse cave tiles, like the Strongwall spell. It is sold by traders for 4 silver coins. It is a one-use item.
  • Shaker orb can instantly collapse a single cave tile. It can be used both inside a cave to collapse a tile underground, as well as on the surface to close a cave entrance.
  • Cave tiles that are reinforced by support beams CAN NOT be collapsed due the supported tile not being empty. Tile being supported is full of rock. The cave tile next to a supported cave tile can be collapsed. This does not remove the support beam from the supported cave tile. The cave tile with support beams is still there, and when the cave tiles next to it are mined out, the support beamed tile will still be there with the support beam intact.
  • The shaker orb can be used to collapse an empty tile that has both a support beamed rock tile on the right and on the left of the empty tile being collapsed. The support beamed tiles are still there, and they are not removed.
  • There is NO confirmation box - so make sure you collapse the correct tile or you could end up paying for another one!!


You throw the shaker orb on the ground. The earth suddenly shakes and the rock falls in!