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Main / Religion / Spells / Strongwall


Faith: 70
Favor: 70
Difficulty: 70 (0)
Target: Tile
Casting time: 180 seconds


Only a Priest of Magranon, Libila (PvP servers only) can cast this spell


Strongwall changes open cave tiles to cave walls or reinforces existing cave walls.


  • This spell always succeeds, even though it has a difficulty of 70.
  • Can be used on any cave wall to make a reinforced wall.
  • Can be used on any cave floor to recreate a stone pillar (wall)
  • The spell can be cast on mine entrances to close them, including from outside, similar to a shaker orb.
  • Attached mine doors must be destroyed before strong wall can be cast on the entrance.
  • Be careful as a reinforced tile can only be removed by the mayor of the deed (or any person with permission) or through the use of Disintegrate.
  • Use of this spell is tied into the Mining role for deeds.
  • Libila priests may only cast this spell on PvP servers.
  • The tile will keep its original quality, regardless of if it was a rock or vein tile before being mined out.
    • Mining out a vein and casting strong wall on same floor tile WILL NOT get you a new vein but a rock wall. (i.e. mining a wall out and strong walling a new wall in same tile does not affect the tile's quality).
  • Reinforced tiles can be removed through the use of the Disintegrate spell or mined out on deed.


You should remove the items first. 
You can't cast the spell on a floor of a cave tile occupied by a creature (or by yourself) or any by any items.
That tile is occupied by creatures. 
You can't cast the spell on a floor of a cave tile occupied by a creature (or by yourself).