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Support Beam
A Support Beam
Total materials
  • Unfinished support beam
  • Support beam (60.0kg)
Skill and improvement


A wooden construction made from logs, planks and metal ribbons intended to support walls in mines.

Used to reinforce cave walls and floors in caves/mines/tunnels.


  • Activate a support beam, right-click a cave wall or cave floor, and select "Reinforce".
  • The quality of a support beam does not matter; a 9ql and a 90ql support beam will function in exactly the same way.


  • The first log used in creation must be 24kg, however, the second may be 18-24kg.
  • When creating, the quality of the shaft affects your success chance.

Additional Notes

  • Reinforced floors can have subterranean paving added after the application of mortar to provide a speed bonus
  • Reinforced walls can be clad to provide additional aesthetic options
  • A support beam is required on every wall of a cave tile (both sides) to prevent the tile from collapsing.
  • A reinforced wall can be removed by mining it out if it is on deed.
  • A reinforced floor can be mined to remove beam reinforcement with 21 body strength. No shard is produced in this process, and the slope does not change.
  • Finished support beams do not fit into a small cart, rowing boat, or small sailboat.
  • Adding a reinforcement is considered paving for priests.
Reinforced cave wall
Reinforced cave floor

See Also

  • Strongwall - A spell which can reinforce cave walls.