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Main window

This page explains how to use the Skill tracker window. To activate the tracker enter the in-game options screen (default key is Esc), click Tools then More to open HUD Settings and select Skill tracker. The skill tracker allows players to monitor specific skills in a less obtrusive way than having the Skills window open. Up to 100 skills over 10 pages may be tracked, including the characteristics and religion hierarchies.

Selecting skills

Right click the tracker and select Skill tracker options, this pop-up allows the selection of which skills to track for the currently activated page. From the drop-down menus the player can select which skills to display, in order, to what decimal place they'd like to see changes and whether or not to activate (show) that particular skill in the window. The lower-most checkbox, Show progress to next level, when checked will change the progress bar to show just that, rather than progress to 100 as default. Clicking Ok will confirm any changes on the currently displayed page.

Right click on the tracker again and select Save skill tracker to ensure that the choices made are locked in place. Alternatively the Save to... sub-menu may be used to save to an alternative page.

Changing pages

Open up the context menu on the tracker and select Next skill tracker, Previous skill tracker or Load skill tracker to pick another page. The above process may then be repeated to set tracking of different skill-sets.

Skill tracker name

You can change the name of your 10 skill tracker setups via the skill tracker options function. Select Skill tracker options, then edit the name in the Skill tracker name box.



For priests the Favor skill could be placed on a tracker to see the current deviation from the player's maximum. This would provide a more detailed view of favor than what's currently available on the healthbar, at least without needing to hover over anything for information.


As with the the toolbelt there are key bindings to quickly change and save tracking pages. These are also available to change in the launcher settings.

Keybind Description
NEXT_SKILL_TRACKER Loads the next tracker page in sequence.
PREV_SKILL_TRACKER Loads the previous tracker page in sequence.
SAVE_SKILL_TRACKER Saves the current setup on the currently selected page.
SAVE_SKILL_TRACKER# Saves the current setup on tracker window #. Note that tracker window 1 is actually #=0, unlike the toolbelt.
LOAD_SKILL_TRACKER# Loads tracker window #. Note that tracker window 1 is actually #=0, unlike the toolbelt.