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Favor is used by priests and champions in casting spells. It is an unseen, mystical resource that is only limited in obtainable quantity by the player's current level of faith. Favor replenishes automatically and can optionally be stored in gems with the spell Vessel.

Gains and Replenishment

The rate of replenishment of favor is slow and decreases the more favor you have. Going from 30 to 60 favor takes about 3 times longer than going from 0 to 30. The actual faith being utilized has no noticeable influence on the rate of replenishment.

A good rule of thumb for favor gain from 0 favor is

  • 2 minutes to gain 10 Favor
  • 10 minutes to gain 20 Favor
  • 22 minutes to gain 30 Favor.

Favor gain is halved when performing an action.

Favor can be gained by sacrificing items or money at an altar of your god. Any quality level of item may be sacrificed in this way, but the higher the quality level, the more favor is consequently gained. Praying can grant you both an instant favor boost, as well as a temporary favor gain rate increase. The completion of missions for the gods is also an effective way to gain favor.

Armour other than cloth armour slows down the rate of favor replenishment, but the differences seem minor.


Sacrificing valuable items in an altar grants favor when you are below your favor maximum. If you are at max favor, it will instead add to the deed sacrifice bonuses.

A larger list of favor to quality ratios can be found on the Base price page.

Quality required for 1 favour gained:

  • Cordage Rope: 22.36ql
  • Square Piece of Cloth: 31.16ql (22.36 for Fo)
  • Door lock: 31.16ql (22.36 for Mag)
  • Yoyo: 31.16ql (22.36 for Vyn)
  • Chopped vegetables: 40.0 ql


Favor calculator