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Lockpicking is the skill used when picking locks, such as door locks, gate locks, and large padlocks and small padlocks on large chests, with lock picks, in order to open them without a key.


  • When you pick open a chest or a boat, you will receive the lock in your inventory (not the key) and it will be unlocked. When you pick open a house door lock or gate lock, the lock stays attached and will remain unlocked for 10 minutes real time. Examining the door will reveal how much time remains.
  • Successfully lockpicking an already unlocked gate or door will reset the lock.
  • On each attempt, regardless of fail or success, you will either break or damage the lock picks.
  • The success rate of lockpicking is effected by the quality of the lock picks, the lockpicking skill, the lock ql, the wall or container ql, container rarity, and for a minor degree its parent skill Thievery. The quality of the lock picks also affects the chances of them just outright breaking.
  • High quality locks will prevent any lockpicking attempt with lock picks that are approximately more than 20 QL lower.
  • There is a 10-minute cooldown between skill gains.
  • Approximately 30 lockpicking is needed to be considered capable.
  • Not all lock types and the stuff they secure are equal in difficulty. As an example larger ships are more difficult than smaller.
  • To make lock picks you need a minimum of 25 effective skill in locksmithing.
  • Lockpicking timers will become shorter as you level and will be 24 seconds at full stamina minimum.
  • House doors that have been picked open may be relocked before ten minutes pass by the writ holder. This is done by unlocking all doors, then relocking them in the writ settings.

Lockpicking on Freedom

 Note : It is expressly against the Freedom rules to pick the lock of anything that you do not own. 
 However, none of these rules or limitation are applicable to Chaos

Lockpicking is strictly prohibited unless you have ownership of the container/gate you're lock picking, IE a chest on your deed or a gate on your deed.

Lockpicking abandoned chests that do not belong to you is still a bannable offense.

Lock quality

Lock Description QL range
Very poor 1 - 9.99
Poor 10 - 19.99
Below average 20 - 29.99
Okay 30 - 39.99
Above average 40 - 49.99
Pretty good 50 - 59.99
Good 60 - 69.99
Very good 70 - 79.99
Exceptional 80 - 89.99
Fantastic 90 - 99.99

Skills & Characteristics


  • Lock Breaker at 50 skill
  • Safe Cracker at 70 skill
  • Vault Shadow at 90 skill