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A Tacklebox
Total materials

Tackle box (1.00 kg)

Skill and improvement


A small chest with compartments inside specifically for holding fishing tackle.

Used to store spare floats, fishing lines, bait and hooks. The tackle box needs to be in inventory to work, and a consumed item will only be replaced by the same type of item (e.g. a feather float will only be replaced by another feather float; it will not be replaced with a moss float).


  • Bait will be auto-replaced at 10 skill
  • Hook will be auto-replaced at 30 skill
  • Float will be auto-replaced at 50 skill
  • Line will be auto-replaced at 70 skill or at any skill if reel exists.
  • Reel will be auto-replaced at 90 skill (does not apply to fishing poles as they don’t have reels).


  • To store items in the tackle box, drag and drop them on the box - they will automatically go into the appropriate section (see image below for section types).
  • Baits and floats left in the tackle box that is in player inventory have been observed to decay rather quickly at this time.
  • Tackle boxes can be dyed. This requires 312g of dye.

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The tackle box is divided into different sections, shown here