Mixed grass

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Mixed grass
A Mixed grass

cutting Grass tile

  • Mixed grass (0.05 kg)
Skill and improvement
Pile of mixed grass


Mixed grasses abundant with seeds.


Mixed grass is an item from cutting grass tiles when they are tall enough, with a sickle, scythe, carving knife, butchering knife, shovel, or even by using the player's own hand (if key-bound). When gathering grass, it is capped at 20ql when using any tool aside from a sickle or a scythe.

  • Examine grass tiles to determine length.
    • Medium you get 1 mixed grass.
    • Long you get 2 mixed grass.
    • Wild you get 3 mixed grass.



  • Can be stored in a bulk storage bin.
  • Planting it uses the gardening skill.
  • Cutting it from grass tiles uses the gardening skill.
  • It will not decay if left in player inventory.

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