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A Toolbelt
Total materials
  • Toolbelt (1.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


An ingenious system of pockets, pouches, hooks and holes designed to keep a wide array of common tools.

A toolbelt is a piece of HUD that allows you to place up to ten tools or materials on it for quick selection.


  • The QL of the hooks affects the success rate.
  • On failure, the hooks and/or the leather belt are damaged. They can be repaired though.
  • Adding the cloth only uses 0.3 kg even if the piece is bigger.

Rare Functionality

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Note: Rare functionality is still not completely understood and is an exciting aspect of the game. Most information listed is only an observation of one or more players rather than confirmed by developers.

Toolbelts with rare properties have been seen to have additional slots. A rare toolbelt has 1 extra slot; a supreme toolbelt has 2 extra slots; it would be logical to assume that fantastic has 3 extra slots. Note: the maximum number of slots a toolbelt can have is locked at 10, thus even a fantastic toolbelt at maximum (99 ql) would only have 10 slots as opposed to 13.


  • Wear (equip) the toolbelt on the legs of your torso, and the toolbelt will appear on the HUD (like the compass).
  • The toolbelt must be at least 10 ql before it will even appear on the HUD, even if it is already worn on the legs. There is one slot every 10 QL up to nine at 90 ql. However, ten is the maximum number of slots and appears at 99 ql instead of 100 ql.
  • A rare toolbelt has 1 more slot than the equivalent normal toolbelt.
  • A supreme toolbelt has 2 more slots than the equivalent normal toolbelt.
  • Drag tools from your inventory into the toolbar's slots. They can later be removed from the belt by clicking on them with the Shift key held down, or replaced by other tools.
  • The slots can be bound to hotkeys. Default is bind 1 ACTIVATE_TOOL1 and so on, up to 10.
  • Putting a container in the toolbelt and activating it selects items in the container if there are any. This is especially useful when sowing large fields or attaching lots of identical items to large creations such as ships. Filling up several containers on the toolbelt and using an attach or sow keybind, one can queue up lots of actions without ever using the mouse.
  • If you hide the toolbelt, it can be redisplayed using the main options menu or typing "toggle toolbelt" into the console.
  • Despite being "worn" as a sort of accessory garment, toolbelts do not suffer damage as a result of falls or fighting such as does armor.


With a bit of work you can create Toolbelt Profiles that you can use to swiftly switch between different custom sets of toolbelt bindings (e.g. one for carpentry, one for blacksmithing, etc.)