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Tuesday May 17 2022 10:56

Welcome to the WurmPedia

Welcome! The WurmPedia is a wiki about Wurm Online. Anyone with a registered wiki account can edit the wiki. It's a good place to share information about the game to help other players and find information about the game which you do not know about.

WurmPedia Statistics

The wiki currently has 2,888 articles, and more being added all the time! Why not write one yourself or begin reading?


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The official IRC channel are on port:6667. There are two channels:

  • #wurm - For general chat
  • #wurmhelp - For players seeking help

Connect Now

More information can be found on the website or on the forums.


What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that anyone can read, edit and alter the contents. People work together and collaborate to make a wiki extremely large and helpful.

How do I get a wiki account?

Contact Eir. Please do not contact Notch, Rolf and Unforgiven. You can either contact them in-game, on IRC or in the forums.


We have some help on editing pages on the WurmPedia found at the Help Contents page. Otherwise you can go to Wikimedia Meta-Wiki Help for a large documentation on reading and editing any MediaWiki powered wiki.

In Other Languages

The WurmPedia is also avaliable in other languages:

You could also try a service like Google Translate to translate the wiki into your own language if it is not listed here.

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