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Friendly Animals (Unless Attacked)

Leadable Animals

Use a Rope (created using Wemp Fiber and Rope Tool to lead friendly/docile animals around, which can then be kept on your farm.

Tamed Animals are also leadable.

Rare, Unique, and Semi-rare Creatures

Enemy Creatures

See Also Bestiary

When Butchering Animals/Mobs items you could acquire if successful

Fur, meat, and a paw.
Meat and a tooth.
Meat, fur and a tooth.
Cochineal and meat.
Cow hide, tail, eye, meat, hoof and a bladder.
Meat, tail, hide, bladder, hoof and an eye.
Meat, fur and a paw.
Eye, tooth, meat, Dragon scale skin, Drake hide, 60 silver coins, Glass Crazy Diamond and a huge egg.
Tooth, dragon hide, meat and 25 silver coins.
Ql 65 Huge club, Troll king tooth, Troll king meat, Troll king coin (1 gold coin), Troll King Crazy Compass (Unique Item, purpose unknown).
An eye.
Meat, but if the rat is starving then no meat and a pelt.
Fur, meat and a paw.
Meat and tooth.
Pig meat and a pig tooth.
  • Players
Guaranteed meat, 0 skill gain.
  • Tower Guards
If you are a black lighter you get meat.
A Tooth and meat.
Twisted Unicorn horn and meat.
Meat and a pelt.

Information icon.png Notes

  • You can examine creatures to determine their wounds, if any (look at their equipment to see the body with wounds).
  • Some rare creatures will drop unique items when killed, some of which are highly valuable.

See Also

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