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Wild growth
Wild growth

Faith: 41
Favor: 40
Difficulty: 40
Target: Tile
Casting time: 30 seconds


Only a Priest of Fo can cast this spell


Wild growth is an area of effect spell given to priests of Fo at 41 faith.

An invigorating energy flows through you into the ground and reaches the roots of plants and trees.

It nurtures trees advancing their growth and tends fields within a small radius around the caster. It will not advance field age, just tend the field and give increased harvest as if you had manually farmed the field.


  1. Activate a statuette of Fo
  2. Right-click a tile
  3. Select Spells > Wild growth


  • Gives the same chance of increased crop yields as tending the field with a rake does.
  • The range affected by the spell is determined by the power of the cast (up to 4 tiles radius)
  • Trees and bushes are set one growth step up, fresh planted sprouts take around 4 casts to get the tree/bush to mature
  • Cutting a sprout and casting Wild growth has a high chance to give the tree/bush a sprout again
    • This is highly useful to get a lot of sprouts if the area is dense filled with the same type of tree/bush
  • Casting Wild Growth is effective in increasing hedge growth stages. (One cast per growth stage for hedges)
    • Note: If casting on deed, it is recommended that you are a villager of that deed. Otherwise you may receive the following message "You are not allowed to affect the hedges in [settlement name]."
  • When casting on the center tile to affect hedges in the 3x3 area, the hedges on the NW tile borders will be affected while the SE will not.
  • Trees and bushes go through 15 stages and each cast will advance them one stage. Taking a sprout will retreat a tree back one stage and pruning will retreat the tree to very old.
  • Shriveled trees do not replant themselves, a grass tile results, when wild growth advances their age.
  • Tree and bush stages are: young, young, young, mature, mature, mature, mature-sprouting, old, old-sprouting, old, old-sprouting, very old, very old-sprouting, overaged, shriveled.
Age Weight Sprout
Young 1.60 KG
Young 3.20 KG
Young 4.80 KG
Mature 11.2 KG
Mature 11.2 KG
Mature 11.2 KG
Mature 11.2 KG Yes
Old 106.67 KG
Old 120 KG Yes
Old 133.33 KG
Old 146.67 KG Yes
Very old 160 KG
Very old 173.33 KG Yes
Overaged 186.67 KG
Shriveled 4.80 KG