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Main / Skills / Nature / Forestry


Forestry is the skill used when:

  • Cutting sprouts from trees and bushes
  • Harvesting from bushes and trees when they are in season
  • Pruning trees
  • 30 forestry lets you see the age of trees and whether they're sprouting up to one tile away by simply hovering the mouse over them, with range increasing every 15 skill (45 forestry two tiles away, 60 three tiles, etc.)

Picking Sprouts

Activate a sickle, right click the bush or tree tile, and click Pick sprout. Trees and bushes only have sprouts at certain ages. Planting sprouts is part of Gardening.


Activate a sickle, right click the bush or tree tile, and click Harvest. Trees and bushes can only be harvested when mature or older, and must be in season.

Examining the tree or bush will tell you if it's ready to be harvested, almost ready, or is in season but has been harvested already. With enough skill, hovering the mouse over it will also tell you if it can be harvested.

The amount of goods harvested depends on Forestry skill level and age of the tree, similarly to foraging, botanizing, milking, and harvesting from trellises.

  • 1 below 26 skill (maximum amount from Mature trees)
  • 2 at 26 skill (maximum amount from younger stages of Old trees)
  • 3 at 53 skill
  • 4 at 80 skill


Very old trees with sprouts, mature trees, and overaged trees can be pruned with a sickle, to reduce their age. Unsuccessful pruning gives the message "You make a lot of errors and need to take a break" , but you can try again until you succeed.


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