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This is a shameless, unofficial copy of the Wurm client release notes from the forum's City hall section.

The section headings are the date the client was updated; YYMMDD. Please note that this page was not created by Code Club AB, so it is not an official document.

Release notes by year:

2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006

2.4.0 (2007-11-22)

Featured changes

  • Crafting toolbelt
  • Customizable font sizes
  • OpenAL support
  • No more getting stuck in trees while logging in or respawning
  • On-the-fly changing of some game options
  • New key binds
  • Crash bug on Mac OSX fixed

Minor changes

  • Experimental threaded model loading
  • Experimentally optionally enabling antialiasing and anistropic filtering
  • Stats window always shows statistics down to the minute
  • No more rainbows at night
  • Various underlying library updates


Crafting toolbelt

The crafting toolbelt is a floating window with up to five slots that can be assigned to anything in your inventory for single-click or hotkey access. During testing, everybody has one. It shows up always, in the upper left corner, and is just large enough to accommodate 5 Wurm item icons. It can be moved around by dragging it, like the compass image. After testing, it will be a craftable studded leather item, with the number of available slots depending on the quality of the belt. Crafting a belt will be required, as with compasses.

To assign an item to a toolbelt slot, simply drag it from inventory to a slot. To activate a tool in the toolbelt, left click on its icon once in the toolbelt. Double-click is not required, in the toolbelt. To activate a tool using a hotkey, press the appropriate key on your keyboard.

To enable hotkeys, add the following to your autorun.txt:

bind 1 activate_tool1
bind 2 activate_tool2
bind 3 activate_tool3
bind 4 activate_tool4
bind 5 activate_tool5

This will bind keyboard keys 1 through 5 to slots 1 through 5 in the toolbelt. Slot 1 is the left-most slot in the window and numbering proceeds sequentially.


OpenAL is the Open Audio Library. Enable it by choosing the option from the Sound tab in the launcher Options. You will also notice a new volume control in the Sound tab, which only affects OpenAL. OpenAL provides support for hardware surround-sound, up to 7.1, and provides reasonable positioning even with only stereo hardware.

Set rendering options on the fly

For now, setting rendering options while inside the game is done in the console using the setoption command. The currently supported options are:

  • reflections
  • trees
  • structure_render_distance
  • render_glow
  • terrain_bump
  • tile_transitions
  • use_tree_models
  • gui_opacity
  • censor_chat
  • setting_timestamps
  • glsl_enabled
  • shadow_level
  • cloud_shadows
  • log_level
  • inverse_mouse
  • sound_al_gain

These options should be recognizable vs. their names in the launcher Options. Those which are checkboxes, such as GLSL Enabled, accept true or false as options. For example, you could enable GLSL shaders by typing in console:

 setoption glsl_enabled true 

Those which are drop-down lists of choices accept numbered options, from 0 in sequence up through the number of options in the list. For example, you could select Short rendering distance for structures by typing in console:

 setoption structure_render_distance 1 

To set Extreme rendering distance for structures:

setoption structure_render_distance 4

The one slider supported is the new volume control, which accepts integer values from 1 to 30, with a default of 10 being no change in default gain. Values higher than 10 can result in nasty scratchy noises. Use at your own risk. (This is expected to change.)

Additional options which may or may not have a visible effect:

  • cavedetail
  • skydetail
  • render_distant_terrain
  • fast_yield
  • release_context
  • hint_fog
  • hint_mipmap
  • hint_linesmooth
  • hint_perspective
  • hint_pointsmooth
  • hint_polygonsmooth
  • use_smooth_points
  • use_smooth_lines
  • use_smooth_polygons
  • use_anisotropic_filtering
  • use_weather_particles
  • outline_picking[/list]

New bindables

There are 7 new bindables:

  • toggle_climb
  • toggle_faithful
  • toggle_lawful
  • fight_aggressively
  • fight_normal
  • fight_defensive
  • fight_spam -- Currently broken

Sample binds you can add to your autorun.txt:

bind u toggle_climb
bind i toggle_faithful
bind o toggle_lawful
bind h fight_aggressively
bind j fight_normal
bind k fight_defensive
bind l fight_spam

You may of course choose any other keys that aren't already bound.

Before anybody complains, yes eventually both these options and the key bindings will have their own GUIs inside the client to customize them without having to type long ugly formulas into the console. Baby steps.

2.3.0 (2007-06-25)

  • New jogl and lwjgl jars
  • Only supports java 1.5 so you may have to upgrade
  • Animations for emotes and actions should now play. The have to be implemented, tested and added to the packs by the Sunsplash guys first though.
  • The bug where light sources didn't work on logon fixed
  • The bug where the contents of a container sometimes disappeared during drag and drop fixed

2.2.0 (2007-02-20)

  • IRC logging, timestamping and censoring, just like the normal chat.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.
  • Animations are supported on models now. There already is a walking animation for the male character, and it will work as soon as the packs are updated.
  • Flowers. Note that the flowers you get now are just test flowers, and will be replaced with prettier and more varied textures later on.
  • Added "toggle gui" to the console. You might want to bind it to a key. (Default for new players is F10.)

2.1.10 (2007-01-23)

  • New console commands:
    • wiki <topic>: (opens a wiki window about the topic)
    • irc [server] [port]: (default is irc.heavenlyplace.net and 6667)
    • ircsay: (sends a message to the topmost irc window, can be used to bind a key to identify your nick)
    • dump skills: (dumps the chosen argument to file. Only skills right now)
  • If the server denies your login request, you get a "crash"-window telling you why, instead of just wurm quitting as it did in the past.

2.1.9 (2007-01-03)

  • Rocks in grass and dirt are back in.
  • Lava emits occasional puffs of smoke.
  • Support for painted creatures, both like items are painted, and a simple rgb multiplication.
  • Support for creatures of non-standard size. This can be used to make, for example, Emperor Spiders which are four times as large as normal ones, without requiring new art.