Yellow potion

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Yellow potion
A Yellow potion

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Yellow potion (0.001 kg)
Skill and improvement

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A round flask containing liquid with a really funny strong smell. Maybe something equally fun will happen if you quaff it?

A yellow potion is an item given as part of the Legacy loyalty bonus program that provides gifts to players who purchase premium time in consecutive months.


  • To drink it, right-click the potion and select Use, at which point, the potion will promptly transform the player into a random creature or object.
  • The duration of the effect depends on the quality of the potion, and the quality of the potion depends on how many times and how long a player has been premium.
  • Taking damage, embarking on a vehicle or animal, or sitting on furniture will dispel the effect.
  • The player's camera view height is relative to the item or creature they transform into. For example, transformed into potted flowers, the player's view will then be very close to the ground.
  • Yellow potions do not decay when stored anywhere on an active deed.

Possible Transformations