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With the beginning of the long-term customer reward program for subscribing to Wurm Online premium time for single and consecutive months since December 2013, the legacy loyalty bonus was also created for months you have been subscribed to premium time on your account before December 2013.


To check your stats type /playtime in the chat bar and you will get a similar event message output to the following:

You have been premium a total of N months until Dec 2013.
You have been premium a total of N since Dec 2013.

To claim any outstanding rewards, right-click a settlement token and select Reimbursements. If you are eligible for any rewards, the reward items will be placed in your inventory. If you are not eligible or have already claimed your rewards, you will get the following message:

You have already received any Legacy Loyalty Bonus items that you were entitled to.


Rewards include seryll lump, yellow potion, and armour made from seryll between 30 and 90 quality.