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Premium players earn points for buying premium time and to a lesser degree, silver from the Wurm shop. These points are called Marks and can be redeemed at a token for trader goods, decorative skins, and new novelty items.

Earning Marks

Marks are earned by the purchase of premium time at the following rates:

  • 15 days from token (with 5 silver coins): 1000
  • 20 days from referral (given when a player first purchases : 1500
  • 30 days from token (with 10 silver coins): 3000
  • 30 days from shop: 4500

Any single purchase of six months will award 3000 marks as a bonus. Any single purchase of twelve months will award 6000 marks as a bonus. Purchases of silver coins from the shop will award 20 marks per silver purchased.

Purchasing with Marks

You may only purchase from the shop while you are premium. Go to a token, right-click, and select Select Premium Awards. A screen will appear with the selections available.

Some options will give a random item, such as a random moon metal lump or random Jackal] skin. Additionally, there will be monthly skins for weapons added to the shop, which are only available that month. Several trader items are also available, including the Rod of transmutation, Shaker orbs, and large and small magical chests. You may also purchase several items which were never available before:

  • Magical tomes-previously only available as rare drops from uniques or as a rewards for the old personal goals system. One random tome with one charge can be purchased.
  • Extra care for slot-the player now can care for one extra animal above your animal husbandry skill.
  • Wooden nameplate-the player can change the name of one cared for animal (regular Wurm rules about naming apply).
  • Golden mirror-allows the player to change their character's appearance and gender.
  • Sleep bonus-adds one additional hour to your sleep bonus limit.
  • Random affinity-adds one random affinity.
  • Gift box-a random item is added to your inventory-this can be anything from a wide range of items, including moonmetal, statues, and bones though sleep powder is the most common item rewarded.
  • Magical ink- allows the player to change the name of an item. The player's name will be added to the item as well.