Sixth sense

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Sixth sense
A Sixth sense

Faith: 6
Favor: 15
Difficulty: 20
Target: Creature
Casting time: 10 seconds


Only a Priest of Vynora, Magranon, Fo can cast this spell


"You will now detect hidden dangers."

Lasts roughly 2.5 minutes per power, when it wears off you will get this event.

"You are no longer affected by Sixth sense."

It is known to alert the affected to the presence of traps in the immediate vicinity (1-2 tiles). It does so by an orange 'TRAP!' message displayed in event. No further information on the trap is divulged. Can be cast on all creatures, but is known only to have an effect on humans.

Sixth sense yields little channeling skillgain on successful casts at nearly any skill level, and is a poor choice for skilling priests accordingly.


  1. Activate a statuette of your god
  2. Right-click a person
  3. Select Spells > Sixth Sense