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Woven Fence
A Woven Fence
Total materials
  • Woven fence
Skill and improvement
  • You must have at least one Wood scrap in your inventory to start building it.
  • Repair with a wood scrap.


This woven fence is purely a decoration and stops neither creature nor man.

Skill Required

To calculate the maximum slope you can build on, based on your carpentry or masonry skill, use the following formula submitted by Ketza:

Max slope = (3 *skill) + 10

Skill Max Slope
6 17
8 18
9 19
12 20
14 21
16 22
19 23
22 24
25 25
29 26
33 27
36 28
41 29
45 30
49 31
54 32
59 33
64 34
70 35
75 36
81 37
88 38
94 39

Note: Maximum slope is rounded down


Repairing woven fence requires 1.5 kg wood scraps. Each wood scrap will repair up to 10 damage depending on quality and repairing skill and uses 1.5 kg from a larger lump of wood scraps.


  • You can open containers and take items from behind a woven fence.
  • It is easy to destroy.
  • A woven fence takes longer to construct than a wooden fence, but wood scraps are much easier to obtain. That being said, building even a mediocre quality woven fence is difficult, because higher quality wood scrap is hard to find. Being a byproduct of construction, wood scrap has only 10% of the original material quality. The only way to obtain high quality wood scrap is to cut down young or shriveled fruit trees.
  • The maximum quality a fence can be improved to depends on carpentry skill and wood scrap quality: (Carpentry skill + Wood scrap QL) / 2 (tested with 80 carpentry skill, and 4-8 carpentry skill on test). A few 1.5QL wood scraps for example allow improving to about 40QL with 80 carpentry. There have been reports, however, that it is possible to improve a 30QL fence at 20 carpentry skill.