Alchemist's cupboard

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Alchemist's cupboard
A Alchemist's cupboard
Total materials
  • 1 Alchemist's cupboard (9.00 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.
  • Can not be dyed.


A wooden cupboard, used to store small amounts of precious liquids.

Used to store up to 10 different liquids with reduced decay.


  • Can be planted.
  • Has ten vials with room for 2kg liquid each.
  • Cannot be mailed.
  • Has to be empty in order to be picked up.
  • Alchemist's cupboards cannot be dyed.
  • Alchemist's cupboards can be continued construction on with 20 fine carpentry.
  • Some items may be placed on top of the cupboard, as decoration. Since the item is a container already, any items placed on it will be dropped on the ground when it is picked up; a message in event log will notify the player of this.