Battering ram

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Battering ram
A Battering ram
Total materials
  • Battering ram
Skill and improvement


A large war machine designed to knock down walls and doors, used by ramming the large log into the wall you wish to no longer exist.


First, move or drag the battering ram into position, facing the wall or door to be destroyed. Then, with the battering ram in position very close to or against the object, select "ram" within its right-click menu. The battering ram will then ram the object with damage dealt upon each action as described below.

Unlike many actions in Wurm, multiple requests to perform the ram action cannot be queued. Attempts to queue further actions beyond the initial one are met with a message of: "You cannot use the battering ram right now as it is already being used."


  • Minimum of 21 body strength is needed to use it.
  • Uses the war machine skill, meaning the higher the skill, the faster the action timer.
  • Can only be used by one person at a time and they must be close to use it.
  • Citizens or allies with destroy wall permissions will deal bonus damage.
  • Cannot be used on steep slopes.
  • Ram does double damage to walls underground.
  • Damage is determined by the ram quality and the skill.
  • Checks a short area in front of the ram for anything to hit and will hit the first thing it finds.