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Bowyery is the skill in creating bows. Creating the arrows for bows is fletching.

Bows are best made out of willow. The quality of the bow has an impact on the amount of damage done.


Skillgain Tips

At least one player has found the best way to grind bowery skill is to create 10 to 20 of a certain type of bow. There does not seem to be a skill difference between improving a normal bow or a short bow, so going with a short bow is easier, as it takes less skill to make.

Once many bows have been made, improve them all to 10QL, and then increase them all to 10+ bowery skill. You will quickly get to a point where you need to make more bows to imp, so always have some new ones handy. A toolbelt is VERY handy to have around.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Bowmaker at 50 skill
  • Able Bowmaker at 70 skill
  • Master Bowmaker at 90 skill
  • Bow Down at 100 skill

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