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Short bow
A Short bow
  • Short bow (1.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


An elegant, small and quick bow that will fire moderately far with good accuracy.


This weapon is best used at 5 tiles range, or 20m when looking through a spyglass. Higher skill in this weapon gives more shooting options when used.

Bows must be wielded in your hands to be fired. Bows are two handed weapons, and cannot be equipped unless both hands are empty and you aren't wearing a shield.

See the archery page for more.


Can be stored in a bow rack or in a large chest.


  • Failing to create the bow will result in 0.50 ql. loss from the ql. of the log used.
  • One strung Short bow is a component in making a bow trap.
  • The bow must be unstrung in order to improve it.
  • A short bow is best made out of willow logs. Examining it will then say, "The willow wood used in this bow gives it good strength yet supreme flexibility."
  • Stringing with a bow string is needed to make the bow functional. Before that, examining it will say: "An unstringed small bow."

Skills & Characteristics

When using a short bow

When creating a short bow


  • Shortbowman at 50 skill
  • Bowhunter at 70 skill
  • Point Blank at 90 skill

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