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Valrei item
A Valrei item

This item cannot be crafted.


1 Valrei item (0.10 kg)

Skill and improvement

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A weird item belonging on Valrei.


There are two types of Valrei items:

  • Valrei mission items - An item used in Epic missions (blue item in inventory).
  • Valrei items - An item dropped from or butchered off of Valrei creatures (red icon inventory).

In both cases, the items will have a randomly generated name. Valrei mission items are found on the ground in the wilderness after being spawned by the gods as part of a scenario or mission. Valrei items are found after butchering a Valrei creature and cannot be used in a mission, even if they have the same name. You can tell a normal Valrei item and a mission item apart by dropping them into a container. An item acceptable to use in a mission will say You drop a valrei mission item. while one that you cannot use for a mission will say You drop a valrei item.


  • Sacrificing a Valrei item adds 0.2 to your village's enchanting bonus and 2 seconds rarity window bonus.
  • Sacrificing it as part of a mission also grants a small amount of Karma.
  • Sacrificing creates a message in settlement history. (<playername> adds 0.2 to enchant faith bonus)
  • They decay quickly and can be lit like a candle.
  • Names are generated randomly.
  • They retain their name in personal merchants.
  • Mission items are not removed after a mission is done and may remain in the world until they decay. Only the Valrei items generated for the mission satisfy that mission requirement.
  • May be found on the Freedom cluster as well as Epic.


Butchered from

Drop from

Names of Valrei items (not an exhaustive list)

  • Black Crystal
  • Black Jewel
  • Black Quill
  • Black Totem
  • Burning Diamond
  • Burning Eye
  • Charming Harp
  • Charming Opal
  • Charming Sceptre
  • Deadly Circlet
  • Deadly Orb
  • Fire Fragment
  • Frozen Token
  • Glowing Band
  • Glowing Jar
  • Golden Circlet
  • Golden Feather
  • Golden Quill
  • Golden Sceptre
  • Holy Orb
  • Holy Totem
  • Lustrous Jewel
  • Lustrous Quill
  • Lustrous Shard
  • Ornamented Band
  • Ornamented Circlet
  • Ornamented Crystal
  • Ornamented Opal
  • Ornamented Token
  • Ornamented Totem
  • Shadow Quill
  • Shiny Shard
  • Shiny Totem
  • Silvery Circlet
  • Silvery Totem
  • Soulstruck Circlet
  • Soulstruck Feather
  • Soulstruck Spirit
  • Soulstruck Strand
  • Wild Diamond
  • Wild Opal
  • Wild Quill
  • Wild Sceptre