Valrei mission item

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Valrei mission item
A Valrei mission item

This item cannot be crafted.


1 Valrei mission item (0.10 kg)

Skill and improvement

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A strange item retrieved from an otherworldly being.


There are two types of Valrei items:

  • Valrei mission items - An item used in Epic missions (blue item in inventory).
  • Valrei items - An item dropped from or butchered off of Valrei creatures (red icon inventory).

In both cases, the items will have a randomly generated name. Valrei mission items are found on the ground in the wilderness after being spawned by the gods as part of a scenario or mission. Valrei items are found after butchering a Valrei creature and cannot be used in a mission, even if they have the same name. You can tell a normal Valrei item and a mission item apart by dropping them into a container. An item acceptable to use in a mission will say You drop a valrei mission item. while one that you cannot use for a mission will say You drop a valrei item.


  • Sacrificing a Valrei item adds 0.2 to your village's enchanting bonus and 2 seconds rarity window bonus.
  • Sacrificing it as part of a mission also grants a small amount of karma.
  • Sacrificing creates a message in settlement history. (<playername> adds 0.2 to enchant faith bonus)
  • They decay quickly and can be lit like a candle.
  • Names are generated randomly.
  • They retain their name in personal merchants.
  • Mission items are not removed after a mission is done and may remain in the world until they decay. Only the Valrei items generated for the mission satisfy that mission requirement.
  • May be found on the Freedom cluster as well as Epic.


Mission items

Names of Mission Items (not an exhaustive list)

(All Valrei mission items are the same, but will change names per mission.)

  • Black Crystal
  • Black Jewel
  • Black Quill
  • Black Totem
  • Burning Diamond
  • Burning Eye
  • Charming Harp
  • Charming Opal
  • Charming Sceptre
  • Deadly Circlet
  • Deadly Orb
  • Fire Fragment
  • Frozen Token
  • Glowing Band
  • Glowing Jar
  • Golden Circlet
  • Golden Feather
  • Golden Quill
  • Golden Sceptre
  • Holy Orb
  • Holy Totem
  • Lustrous Jewel
  • Lustrous Quill
  • Lustrous Shard
  • Ornamented Band
  • Ornamented Circlet
  • Ornamented Crystal
  • Ornamented Opal
  • Ornamented Token
  • Ornamented Totem
  • Shadow Quill
  • Shiny Shard
  • Shiny Totem
  • Silvery Circlet
  • Silvery Totem
  • Soulstruck Circlet
  • Soulstruck Feather
  • Soulstruck Spirit
  • Soulstruck Strand
  • Wild Quill
  • Wild Sceptre