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A Clay

Max flat speed: 8.18km/h
Terrain type: Natural
Player made: No
Underground: No


Clay tiles can be created by using Transmutation liquid on sand tiles.



A tile of clay that can be dug with a shovel or dredge.


  • Provides an indefinite amount of clay.
  • You can raise clay tiles by dropping dirt or sand on the corners.
  • Be careful when dropping dirt, as raising a clay tile cannot be easily undone. If the northwest corner is adjacent to terraformable tile types that corner can be lowered through digging.
  • Clay tiles can be lowered using the Level command if all corners are higher or level to an adjacent flat tile. A digging skill of 70 is required to do this.
  • Digging the other corners will lower one dirt every 50-100 dig actions.
  • Dropping clay does not create clay tiles.
  • Clay tiles are found naturally, often below water level.
  • Clay can be dug with a dredge from below water level
  • Houses cannot be planned or built on clay tiles.
  • Clay tiles can be converted to dirt via Transmutation liquid

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