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A Dredge
Total materials
  • Dredge (4.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


A dirty sack with four metal blades along its rim. A rope is attached to it. The idea is that you drag it along the bottom and gather mud.


  • The dredge's main ability is to dig from below water level, since digging with a shovel can only be done down to 7 dirt below water level. Dredge quality and digging skill affect the maximum depth you can dredge. You cannot dredge at a depth greater than 180 dirt below sea level.
  • A dredge can hold 2 piles of dirt or heaps of sand (40kg), or 36 clay (72kg), before it requires emptying.
    • When dredging, there must be space in the dredge and in the ship for the materials you would acquire.
  • You may not dredge stone.
  • Be careful when dredging while swimming as you will quickly run out of stamina and drown. A rowboat is the best boat to dredge from, as you can see the tiles below you much easier than on other boats.


  • The quality of the rope affects your success chance.
  • The quality of the square piece of cloth affects the initial quality of the dredge.
  • Failure damages both the rope and the square piece of cloth.
  • Improvement uses Blacksmithing skill but carpentry tools: mallet, file, carving knife, pelt and log.
  • Dredging works similar to digging, though you can be embarked on a boat or ship to dredge. Move on top of the corner you want to dig at, right-click the boat or ship you are on, and select Dredge. The dredged material appears inside the boat. In order to level a tile to flat, however, one must be over an already-flat tile that is next to the nearby tile that is to be flattened (right-click -> level will appear only on tiles outside of boat and very near).
  • On bigger ships you may have to embark as passenger to get the option to dredge, because as the commander you might technically be too far way from the boat to use it. It is also a good idea to moor your ship or boat before dredging.
  • You can dredge all kinds of materials, for instance clay, peat, tar, gems, and valrei items.