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Climbing is the skill of climbing slopes that are too steep for you to walk across normally (those with over 23 slope).


  • Your climbing skill will increase the more you climb, but body stamina affects how far you can climb more than climbing skill does.
  • Climbing consumes much more stamina than walking.
  • Climbing is turned on and off with the button that looks like a person ascending a slope in the quickbar (icon shown below).
  • If you are climbing uphill while dragging a cart or carrying lots of weight otherwise, your stamina drops considerably faster.
  • If you don't have enough stamina to activate climbing while you're swimming to get out of the water, then you can activate Last gasp.
  • Beware: some slopes are very steep, and once you have low stamina you will stop climbing -- possibly falling to your death.



Skills & Characteristics


  • Mountaineer at 50 skill
  • Sherpa at 70 skill
  • Cliffhanger at 90 skill